Why stay at Wave Point Marina?

(Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin)

Aerial photo of Little Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin.

The resort is directly on Little Sturgeon Bay and in a prime location for catching some of the biggest smallmouth bass on the planet!  (That’s all the reason I need!)

The rooms are very clean and nice.  The resort staff has always been very courteous and helpful when we stayed there.  (I had my hand chewed up one time trying to help land a musky and had to receive some emergency medical bandage care – thanks to the staff there for helping me with my blunder!)

The food – ah, yes, the food!  Very good!  (I just wish they would serve breakfasts during the week.  My wish to the staffSmile

There is plenty of room for parking larger vehicles, including trailered boats (of course)

Wave Pointe Marina and Resort, Little Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin   Picture of Wave Pointe Marina, Little Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.


  • Private boat ramp for guests!
  • 24 one and two bedroom suites
  • has a great restaurant  (note: breakfast served only on weekends but it is fantasticSmile
  • Outdoor Tiki Bar with live bands often during the warmer months on weekends
  • 124 slip marina in a wave protected off-bay area (can rent a slip for your stay)
  • Has fuel available for your boat.
  • Kayak and Pontoon boat rental – paddle boards too.
  • Gift Shop




Very nearby as in 100 yards away right next door is a state maintained public fishing pier and multi-land concrete boat ramp and restroom facilities.

About the fishing:

Bass boat next to large boat. Little Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

  Little Sturgeon bay is fairly large and well protected from northerly, southerly and easterly winds in particular.  It’s a great place to fish for smallmouth year-round and in the spring and fall it can be particularly awesome.  Because of it’s proximity to the town of Sturgeon Bay it does get some pressure on the weekends, particularly in the spring, according to locals.  

  Little Sturgeon Bay holds some big smallmouth bass year-round and the bass get very shallow during spawning time – usually in mid-late May.  There are big weed beds in the shallow areas and the water is more fertile here than in more northerly areas of Door county.  Every time I have been there the water is clear enough to see down 4-6 or even 8 feet but the water often has a green tint from plankton and algae in the water.

The bay is perfect for bass boats or the kayak bass fisherman.  Major fish species from what I have encountered here are smallmouth bass (of course) and there are some largemouth bass in the weeds as well.  There are also some giant pike and musky during the spring and the fall and walleye are there too, at times.  The locals are big on finding and catching yellow perch — for supper — which are undeniably good.  But with so many big smallmouth bass roaming this area the odds of me fishing for yellow perch when I am there are undeniably bad!  I’ll be after the big mean smallmouth that make this portion of Wisconsin there home when I am there, that I can assure you!  

Expect most smallmouth to run in the 2-3 lb range but there are loads of smallmouth in the greater Green Bay waters that move in and out of Little Sturgeon that run up to and over 8 lb’s!   Four and five pound smallmouth in this area hardly gather second glaces!

 Hang On!