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Man holding big smallmouth bass.

was formed in February 2016, by a single person – that would be meSmile    And my name, by the way, is Rich Waite.  I have a long background in the outdoors, dating way back into the late 1970’s when my Dad first took me catfishing along the Maquoketa River in east-central Iowa.  The outdoors was just something I fell in love with at a tender young age.  I don’t know why.  Not all kids do, that’s for sure.  Most do, though, I suspect, if given appropriate and well directed opportunity.  I know I did.  And believe it or not, I loved the smell of an open jar of Bowker’s catfish bait basking in the sun as we floated along the river in our little Jon boat.  Call that what you want.  Weird?  I suspect.  I still love it though.  Weird I suppose!

Fast forward a million years to today – I’m still here, alive and kicking, older yes, but still loving the outdoors.  I’ve worked in the outdoor field my whole life – as an outdoor writer and photographer, as a forester and wildlife and fisheries consultant, and as an entrepreneur, working in land and real estate sales and investing. 

 But you know what?

I’ve always had this love affair with fishing.  Something so simple, and yet, so challenging about it.  It is and has always been the one place where I consistently lose track of time.  Fishing has always captured me to the core and is something I’ve always said that I never tire of (and you can ask anyone who knows me or has ever fished with me about that!)  Because of this inner passion, I’ve always wanted to be in the fishing business to a larger extent.

And somewhere along the line a bass caught me.

It might have been on when of those very occasional  trips Dad used to take to the golf course in Bellevue with his friend Jack – back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.   Every time we’d get anywhere close to one of the clear-water ponds I’d try to steal as much time as I could to watch the bass swimming back and forth along the shore.  Something tearing inside of me wanted to try to catch them.

Or, it might have been when I used to fish for panfish with my Grandpa in the Mississippi River backwaters near Sabula, Iowa.  We’d catch all sorts of 5-12 inch bass while crappie fishing with our minnows and I’d see nearby fisherman casting big “shiny” baits trying to catch larger specimens.  I couldn’t wait to try that myself when I got older and more experienced and could fish on my own.

Or maybe it was during one of the many trips my friend Eric and I used to take to the country club pond.  Boy did we catch them there!  Of course, we weren’t really supposed to be there, let alone catch them there.   None of our family member where “clubbers”.   Oh,  we never really got run off, but many of the golfers didn’t really seemed to enjoy us being there for some reason.  We didn’t really care we stayed.  (Sometimes we opted to go night fishing!)  With bass fishing so good, who could leave the pond alone?  Not a couple of zealous young teenage boys, that I can assure you.   

Or maybe it was when I spent all that time on the river by myself in the mid 1980’s through the early 1990’s?  That’s when the flavors within my bass fishing soup of knowledge really deepened.  That’s when I learned how to find and catch my own fish.  That’s when I learned that I could, sometimes at least, rely upon my background of knowledge and let my gut and instincts actually led me to the bass.   Or maybe it was in Missouri, when I spent so much time on Lake of the Ozarks – learning to find and catch bass in a water that is completely a polar opposite of my upbringing of fishing the shallow murky Mississippi river backwaters.    Or maybe….

You get the idea…..I don’t know when it was!

My love affair with bass and bass fishing didn’t just happen over night, that I can assure you.  I’ve had bass on the brain for quite some time now!  (my wife and family members will attest!)

What does one do with such a passion? 

 We’ll, of course, there are those that elect to go the bass tournament route.  I’ve done a little bit of that, but time for my business and my family has always kind of steered me away from that direction.  I have fished several FLW BFL tournament and a couple of the old Everstart series events.  I’ve also fished a few club and area “open” tournaments.  I’ve usually done well in these events.  I’ve  won a couple of events and won the “big fish” spot a couple of times as well.  The one year I gave the BFL series a serious chance by elected to fish all of the events in the division– instead of just the one or two that I’d done in the past – I was a regional points leader, for a while, and made it to the regional event on Kentucky Lake.  I always thought I “had it in me” to fish those things and I guess making it to that regional proved that to me.   But I never directed my full attention to them for various family and job related reasons.  

Fast forward again…..

What I’ve elected to do now is to bring my passion to you in the form of this website.  A goal is to bring you the most comprehensive collection of bass fishing information and knowledge covering the Midwest region. 

I hope you enjoy our site and let us know what you think! 

Good Fishing!

Mission Statement

Midwest Bassing is a website designed to provide detailed bass fishing information covering all of the fourteen state Midwestern region.   Information such as specific strategies, techniques, styles, and location will be the core focus.  Information will be shared in any of various formats including but not necessarily limited to video, audio and the written word.  Exclusive content will be provided by various, hand-selected, field staff and/or pro guides/fisherman.   A goal of Midwest Bassing shall be to encourage user interaction.  This may be done through forums, reports, special sections, etc..