Kayak Bass Fishing — Really?

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What is it with kayak fishing?  I mean it is soooo peaceful and relaxing out there paddling around.  Catching fish too, of course. Big fish sometimes.  In fact, big fish a lot of the time!

It wasn’t that long ago – 4 years ago to be exact — that I suspected anyone caught fishing out of one of those things must be crazy and certainly not a serious fisherman.  I mean, the first thought that came to my mind back then was an image of someone spinning around, upside down half the time, in some white-water rapids, sporting a helmet and dodging car-sized rocks.  That image certainly didn’t make me think of bass fishing!

But all of that changed when a buddy had his “yak” sitting along a river bend one day and told me I should take it for a “spin” (I was hoping he meant for a ride and not really the sort of spin that I had in my mind!).  The first 5 minutes in his Wilderness Ride 135 kayak turned my thoughts on fishing out of a kayak 180 degrees!  Wow — what a a stable boat!  Wow — what an easy thing to paddle!  (and I spent half my time paddling it up a mild river current just to see).

My eye’s were opened that day on the great idea of using a kayak to catch bass!

smallmouth bass fishing out of kayak

Fast forward to today — five years later.   I’ve got three kayaks for bass fishing!  Okay, technically only one is mine and the other’s are for my wife and son respectively.

What have I learned about these modern plastic boats?  kayaks are super for sneaking up on bass.  Kayaks are super for catching bass in water so shallow a bass boat can’t even come close to getting into.  Kayaks are super for sneaking up on bass.  Kayaks are so light and so transportable.  Kayaks are super for sneaking up on bass.  Kayaks are very sea-worthy and appropriate models can be used from everything from bass fishing farm ponds to bass fishing Lake Michigan (no kidding).  And, kayaks are super for sneaking up on bass…!   Okay…you probably get the gist of this and I could go on!  Believe me.  Kayaks are serious bass fishing vessels and have big advantages over bigger boats.  Believe me, too, when I say bigger boats have their advantages over kayaks.  It just depends on the time and the place.  There are pros and cons to everything.

I don’t even know what got me talking about kayak fishing to be honest.  I just thought I’d share some basic thoughts and insight with you on these light-weight bass fishing crafts!

Kayks in back of truck.

picture of smallmouth bass being released.

end of road sign.

Make no mistake, though, I am not biased toward kayak bass fishing or using a larger boat. Use the craft that you have and that suits the conditions.  Just rest assured that modern kayaks — of which there are so many models to choose from these days, serve as reliable, safe, efficient, effective and relatively inexpensive bass fishing watercraft, of which one should take note of.  One doesn’t need a $50,000 bass boat with all the latest technology to catch bass — a kayak will do ya’!  No kidding.  Again…no biases here.  I have a fully loaded bass boat and love it.  But I also love my $800 yak!

Shallow water emergent weeds in the upper midwest.


Water-logged trail through woods.Just thought I’d pass the word on using kayaks for bass fishing for those that might be intrigued.  I’ll write much more about it in the future.

Good Fishing!